Technology Resource Center Marin

Past Trainings

If you were not able to attend some of the previous trainings, check here for a PDF of the content and relevank links.

Read and Write - Tools for Struggling Students

(Zoom recording of Presentation - available on request) 4/27/2020

Learning Ally - Supporting Reading for Students

(Zoom recording of Presentation - available on request)

Chromebooks, Google and iPad: Cost-Effective and FREE tools for accessibility for all!

January 28, 2020
The Nika Project: Providing Repurposed Technology and Educational Coaching to Diverse Learners Globally

Feb 3 – Orlando, FL

Effective Communication October 1, 2016
Studying for the 21st Century October 17, 2016
LSH Winter Symposium San Joaquin County Office of Education January 18, 2017
Poland Voice Conference October 8, 2016
Special Education Advisory Committee Meeting February 2, 2017