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SETT - Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative

The Mission of the Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative is to assist school districts and Birth to 3 programs in their responsibility to ensure that every child in Wisconsin who may need assistive technology (AT) has equal and timely access to appropriate assessment and the provision and implementation of needed AT devices and services. The goal is to improve the outcomes and results for children with disabilities birth to 21 through the use of assistive technology to access services, curriculum, and school and community activities. The project increases the capacity of early intervention agencies, school districts, and their partners to provide assistive technology by making training and technical assistance available throughout Wisconsin.

The Technology Resource Center of Marin has modeled its intervention based on the leadership set forth by the Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative. We incorporate many of its strategies, resources, and guidelines into our daily practice. We share many of their forms and tools with our teachers, students, therapists and families to assist them to determine appropriate assistive technology resources for students throughout Marin County public schools.

SETT Framework

TRC follows gold standard guidelines for Assistive Technology Assessments and Procedures as put forth by Joy Zabala.  The above are downloadable forms for use by your school and/or IEP team if appropriate.  For more information, please visit