Technology Resource Center Marin

Open Lab – Zoom appointments

Wednesdays – all day –  10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (when school is in session)

Appointment required

Open Lab is an opportunity for parents, teachers, and students in Marin County public or private schools to receive support from the Technology Resource Center with questions on all aspects of adaptive and standard computer technology. We have more students, teachers and families using technology than ever before and with each new piece of technology, it can be difficult to keep up with information as well as ensure that you are using it to its fullest potential. Open Lab is a free resource to our community that is meant to offer information and guidance on everything from reading, writing, and math to communication. This is also a great time to continue to learn more about a previously recommended program or tool.  Please note that an Open Lab appointment does not constitute an assessment or an IEP team decision.  All information given is meant on an informal basis.  IEP team members may be notified following this appointment when needed and appropriate for additional team involvement and support.  

Due to the current health needs facing our schools and communities, TRC would like to offer free Zoom sessions to assist families, teachers, students and therapists during this time where everyone is using technology in their home environments and are often in need of ongoing tech support.  We are using Zoom as this is a free service that can be accessed from any device, using any platform and we can also screen share to offer visual as well as auditory support.  Each appointment is scheduled for 45 minutes.  Multiple people can participate in this call if additional input is needed.  This can include private educators, tutors and therapists.  For additional information on Zoom, please visit