09-21-17 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm



TRC will host a training on September 21st to all parents who are working with the Learning Ally Program in Marin and those who would like to know more about this program.  Statistics demonstrate that 1 in 3 students struggle with traditional text.  Much of these difficulties can be alleviated by modifying the text and providing speech to text.  Learning Ally is unique from many other accessible text programs by providing human voice narration along with Voice Text - highlighted text that follows along with the voice as it is reading.  Learning Ally also offers data collection for teachers and therapists to know what our students are actually reading!  All students with a print disability are eligible for enrollment.  More information can be found at  

All parents and families are welcome however there are currently 6 districts that are actively using this program throughout their school.  We would like to extend this training to all students who are currently using this tool so all of our families know how to access it from any device.  If you have any questions about what Learning Ally has to offer, please contact us.  You are welcome to come into TRC at any time to learn more about this tool!


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Technology Resource Center

San Rafael
1055 Las Ovejas Avenue