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interactive TVInteractive Screen Teaching

virtualrealityVirtual Reality

There is no doubt that technology has evolved for our students and that our educational system is moving into ever-changing levels of integration for our students.  The latest technology to appear within education is virtual reality.  Whether it is through Google Cardboard, Samsung VR, HTC Vive or a variety of other tools, TRC will continue to explore this exciting new presentation of curriculum to engage and motivate students and teachers.  Learn not only about the hardware, but the software behind it to allow teachers to integrate them into lesson plans and assessments.  Come in to see the exciting new world of VR!

stemSTEM Tools

STEM tools - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math - are becoming more and more prevalent in our schools as a way of engaging students and strategic thinking.  Come in to TRC for after school Maker Spaces, Demo Days, and other trainings that allow you to explore the many possibilities of STEM!


miloRobotics are playing a larger and larger role in developmental skills for our students.  Whether it is through STEM activities, social communication skills, cause-effect and environmental control, many students and families are curious to try the latest in technology to support a wide variety of language and cognitive growth skills.  Come in and explore many of the options that we have at TRC - Check them out for trials in your classrooms to see first-hand how robotics are changing our world!