03-24-20 3:15 pm - 5:00 pm


Accessible Writing:  Technology supports and Strategies to Enable Writing for All

March 24th:  3:15 to 5 PM -

When we refer to writing in the school environment, many students, teachers, and parents have an idea in their head of what that means - hand writing, typing, and other more traditional ways of getting thoughts to paper. This workshop will redefine what writing means - translating thoughts into a readable format.  Participants will learn how to produce written language using voice. This workshop will also cover writing tools and strategies such as word prediction, word walls, modifiable text, and organizational templates. With more options available than ever before, come see how you can enable every student, of any ability, to write. 

Location information

Marin County Office of Education

San Rafael
1111 Las Gallinas Avenue