Our mission is to inform, evaluate, provide, and maintain appropriate Assistive Technology and Augmentative Alternative Communication (AT/AAC) tools, services, and opportunities for all students and their families in Marin County. We serve students with any type of disability throughout their educational experience.


The Technology Resource Center of Marin serves educators, families, and students who wish to access the many ways that technology can help students with special needs. We are operated through the Marin SELPA in conjunction with the Marin County Office of Education for all students in Marin County schools.  TRC serves all students in Marin County Schools.  We are able to lend equipment and provide IEP consultations for any students in public schools.  We offer many other resources for other students that aren't enrolled in public schools that include Open Lab informational settings and free trainings.  All services offered by TRC are FREE to families, students, teachers and other school staff members.

There are many ways to access the TRC; we offer opportunities for students, teachers and parents for hands on learning, experimentation, trainings and IEP consultations. Although IEP Consultations do require the permission of the district Special Education director, all other services can be provided exclusive of an IEP.  In addition to these services, we also provide an extensive lending library for hardware and software and offer iPad app recommendations in areas of reading, writing, communication, motor, math and other pertinent areas that affect education.  Be sure to bookmark us and return often to find out what is new.  

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We hope that you are enjoying our new, interactive website that includes online registration forms and links to many valuable resources for students with special needs.  We changed our site to make sure that we most efficiently are reaching all of our students with needs in Marin County - over 4,000 students who struggle with some form of reading, writing or communication.  With studies showing that close to 25% of students in public schools having difficulty with some form of literacy, these numbers are actually much higher to account for all of the students that we serve.  At TRC, we seek to reach out to families, students and school based teams in our schools to be the best resource for exploring technology.

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All classes are free to anyone but fill up quickly - make sure that you register today if you are interested!  TRC class list

See what we have in our lending library!  Most people are unaware of all of the equipment that we have for lending purposes.  One of our major functions here in Marin is to allow everyone the opportunity to try any tool that they feel may help students achieve their goals.  We are constantly growing our list of resources, so make sure to check back to see any updates!

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Follow us!  With technology advancing so rapidily we try to keep everyone updated on the latest apps, strategies and tools.  Whereas we are always sending out our "app of the week", each day we receive notification of important updates and information that we want to make sure that everyone knows about!  With the use of Social Media reaching the largest number of people, make sure you have the latest information by following us on:  

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Thank you, Dedication to Special Education, for raising the vital funding that keeps us on the cutting edge of providing technology interventions to students with special needs!

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